Neil Bage

Be-IQ Neil is a specialist on the sub-conscious behaviours that drive our decisions, and is renowned for bridging complex scientific theory with real-world understanding, especially in relation to decisions that involve money.

About this speaker

Neil Bage is the founder of multi award-winning behavioural insight’s company Be-IQ.

An energetic, powerful, and highly engaging speaker, Neil’s talks are a mixture of human evolution, psychology, biology, and compelling storytelling, all of which combine to reveal how people make important decisions that will impact their financial health and wellbeing.

A passionate consumer champion, Neil often fuses his knowledge of how the brain works to show people how easy it is to be scammed, and shares practical behavioural steps people can take in order to protect themselves.

Neil also features frequently as a podcast guest, conference panel member, and is seen as a go-to expert in relation to human behaviour by consumer publications.

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Understanding the Human: The power of behavioural insight

Neil Bage