Nick Lincoln

Values to Vision Financial Planning Nick runs a small but highly profitable lifestyle financial planning practice in the UK. He practices Life centered 'Lifestyle Financial Planning' with every client, every time. No excuses. For Nick, it is a mindset. It is “all in, all the time”, otherwise it is pointless.

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Nick founded Values to Vision in 2008, after attending and being 'converted' to Lifestyle Financial Planning in a workshop run by our summit co-host, Paul Armson. Nick now provides Lifestyle Financial Planning to all clients, without exception. His firm only offers new clientships to people introduced by existing clients. He feels life is too short for web-crawlers who know “the price of everything and the value of nothing”! Nick has never not won an industry award he has entered himself for. He holds a 2:1 in an utterly useless Humanities degree. Outside of the little work he does, Nick enjoys fermented drinks of almost any nature and playing bass in a third-rate covers band.

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Nick Lincoln