Anthony Villis

Advisor Success - How to escape 'Advisor Ground Hog Day' and bring meaning and purpose to your client value proposition.

A Talk by Anthony Villis CFP® (First Wealth)

About this Talk

In this interview, Anthony shares his journey from money focussed advisor to a life centered Lifestyle Financial Planner. He shares the frustrations of tiresome and repetitive conversations with clients about things over which he had no control, and the empty feeling in his gut. Something wasn't right! He seriously considered closing down his financially successful business and doing something completely different - such was the frustration and lack of real purpose. Then he found Inspiring Advisers and the Lifestyle Financial Planning 7 Step Success System. It was his lightbulb moment!

Anthony and his business partner Rob Caplan then adopted Lifestyle Financial Planning wholeheartedly and over the last 5 years have become one of the most highly respected financial planning firms in the UK.

This is the story of how Anthony overcame the frustrations of a money focussed investment oriented service proposition to finally find - and deliver - a service that gives joy to him, his staff and - most important - their clients!

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Anthony Villis

Anthony Villis CFP®

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