Kim Potgieter

Advisor Success - Braver Conversations

A Talk by Kim Potgieter CFP® (Chartered Wealth Solutions, South Africa)

About this Talk

The future of Financial Planning lies in creating true connections with clients, building meaningful relationships and engaging in brave conversations. Kim has spoken at many Financial Planning conferences and events about Life Planning, and while she has experienced positive feedback and has certainly seen more Planners incorporating Life Planning into the process, she has realised that Financial Planners do not feel equipped to wholly implement these brave conversations.

Financial Planners are required to take on the role of coach, mentor and Planner – and this role involves authenticity, vulnerability, non-judgemental listening skills and the ability to inspire. It starts with self-awareness and the commitment to invest time and energy into self-development and learning the skills and practices needed to connect with clients in a meaningful way.

Drawing from Bené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ work and incorporating her own experience after helping clients Retire Successfully for the last ten years, she will share three courageous skills that she believes Planners need to establish meaningful connections with clients: • Courage: facilitating deeply vulnerable topics, often involving emotions such as shame, fear, sadness and regret. These are so often the emotions attached to money. • Empathy: asking the right questions, listening attentively to the whole response and forming an authentic rapport. It is surprising how often empathy can be confused with sympathy. • Connection: empathetic conversations are non-judgemental and requires being wholly present. True connection occurs when we listen with the same passion we want to be heard.

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Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter CFP®

Chartered Wealth Solutions, South Africa