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Delivering 'RETURN ON LIFE' for Every Client in Every Meeting

A Talk by Mitch Anthony and Steve Sanduski CFP®

About this Talk

Mitch Anthony and Steve Sanduski, founders of share the tools and resources they have created to help advisors 'own' the Life centered space in their marketplace. You will hear the philosophy and view the tools and resources that make this possible.

~ Learn how move ROI from the center of your value proposition and promote Return on Life as the optimal objective with clients.

~ Discover the latest breakthroughs in client discovery

~ See the $ Lifeline which brings a level of personalization to the financial planning process never seen before

~ Discover how to measure client success outside of market returns and relative investment performance.

Any Advisor who recognises that their real value is in the human aspects of what they do and cares deeply about helping clients make progress should attend. This session will inspire you with discovery ideas that will take your relationships with clients to a place of lifetime commitment.

Exclusive Offers

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Mitch & Steve Sanduski are offering a 10% discount on membership of ROL Advisor which provides FOUR client engagement tools to help take your Life Centered Financial Planning service to new heights. This is particularly ideal for advisers who are well on the journey and want to deliver even more value. Offer also includes complimentary membership of Life Centered Planners.


About The Speakers

Mitch Anthony

Mitch Anthony

Life Centered Planners

Mitch is the co-host of this event and the co-founder of Life Centered Planners (with Paul Armson).

Steve Sanduski

Steve Sanduski CFP®

ROL Advisor