Andre Novaes

Advisor Success - Dreams Under Management - and the 'bet'!

A Talk by Andre Novaes CFP® (LifeFP, Brazil)

About this Talk

"The more money I leave on the table, the more trust I build in my clients chair" so says Andre Novaes.

If you could really focus on your client's best version and not be compensated by his/her investments, how would you make it profitable and enjoyable?

Here is a success story from Brazil! A market that had never heard about life centered financial planning.

Andre will explain the 'bet' and how his firm gets clients to sign up to paying 3%-5% of their monthly income as a pure retainer fee.

This 'bet' works! Now LifePlanFP is approaching US$10 MILLION in pure fee income (not investment asset AUM based!)

You'll learn about LifeFP’s story through the thoughtful narrative of its founder and CEO, Andre Novaes, CFP®.


The market may never be ready, and that’s a very positive thing! - How to sell the why; - From AuM to DuM (Dreams under Management); - From Fiduciary to Courage; - From Transparency to Clarity; - How to make life planning your life plan. - How to scale a life-centered practice with profit and sanity. - How to get clients to pay you pure fees - of 3-5% of their income (or a percentage of TOTAL assets) for managing their financial life plan.

About The Speakers

Andre Novaes

Andre Novaes CFP®

LifeFP, Brazil

Certified Financial Planner and Registered Life Planner Built a life planning business in Brazil, turning over US$10 million in pure retainer fees, (not AUM fees)