Amy Florian

How to Be the Best Advisor in Your Client’s Worst Times of Life

A Talk by Amy Florian (Corgenius)

About this Talk

When clients cope with death, divorce, retirement, empty nest, or other life transitions, what you say and do in the office has more influence on your client relationship than your financial savvy ever did. Learn essential skills for understanding and addressing your client’s experience when they encounter difficult or emotional life events. Set yourself apart from all the other advisors who have never been taught, and build long-term loyalty in the process.

You will learn: - The six triggers of grief in your clients’ life transitions - Major principles of grief support that apply across the range of situations you face - When and how to contact clients both in the initial time of crisis and in the days, weeks, and months afterwards - How to ensure you are truly offering comfort and not unintentionally alienating clients during tough times

About The Speakers

Amy Florian

Amy Florian


As the CEO of Corgenius, Amy Florian combines the best of neuroscience and psychology with a good dose of humor in training professionals to build strong relationships with clients through all the losses and transitions of life.