Paul Armson

How to bring a real sense of urgency to Life Centered Financial Planning

A Talk by Paul Armson (Inspiring Advisers : Life Centered Planners)

About this Talk

In this session Paul will explain how to bring a real sense of urgency to the financial planning process and how to get clients to open up to what matters most without getting too touchy feely.

You will learn:

~ The one undeniable fact that no client can argue with or ignore and why you should make this the focus of your service ~ How to communicate 'The Truth About Money' ~ Examples of how the 'Six Step Financial Planning Process' could be seriously failing clients and what you can do about it.

Attend this session if you want to get re-inspired about the work you do and gain a real sense of purpose for yourself and your team.

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If you would like to find out more about creating a REAL sense of urgency for your service by successfully communicating and delivering 'Lifestyle' Financial Planning, there is a Triple FREE Offer available from Paul. You can get a 30 day FREE trial of Inspiring Advisers and the Lifestyle Financial Planning '7 Step Success System' and his two books ('The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Financial Planners' and 'Enough?') All for free.


About The Speakers

Paul Armson

Paul Armson

Inspiring Advisers : Life Centered Planners

Paul is the co-host of this event and a the Co Founder of Life Centered Planners with Mitch Anthony.