Paul Armson

How to successfully communicate Life Centered Financial Planning - and keep the focus on what matters most!

A Talk by Paul Armson (Inspiring Advisers : Life Centered Planners)

About this Talk

In this session Paul will explain the difference between Life Centered Financial Planning and plain old money focused advice and how you can differentiate yourself by demonstrating that your service revolves around your client, not their money.

You will learn:

~ How to easily avoid 'The Transaction Trap' ~ The THREE HATS that you wear as a Life Centered Planner ~ Where your true value really is ~ Why the industry wants you to keep wearing the WRONG HAT! ~ How to demonstrate and communicate incredible value so you differentiate yourself from money focused advisors and therefore easily attract and retain more of the RIGHT clients.

You should attend this session if you want to get really inspired about the work you do and easily communicate and demonstrate far greater value.

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About The Speakers

Paul Armson

Paul Armson

Inspiring Advisers : Life Centered Planners

Paul is the co-host of this event and a the Co Founder of Life Centered Planners with Mitch Anthony.