Jason Myhre

Increase the Value of Your Advice with Values-Based Investing

A Talk by Jason Myhre (Eventide)

About this Talk

One of the things that has not escaped the attention of advisors today is how seemingly overnight values-based investing has become a dominant trend. What is causing this shift toward values-based investing? This talk will explain the deeper, heart-level motivations for this move in assets and will demonstrate how advisors can grow their businesses by helping their clients invest their values.

  • Why Values based investing is here to stay
  • How this trend has grown and continues to grow
  • The role of values driven investing in a Life centered practice

Advisors want to see that they can increase the perceived value of their service to clients by helping clients invest their values will want to view this session. You'll realize that values driven investigating is going to be growing in the mind of the public and in the practice of a life centered planner.

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Jason Myhre

Jason Myhre