Mitch Anthony John Busacker

Life Based Financial Planning

A Talk by John Busacker and Mitch Anthony

About this Talk

Advisors that want a deeper understanding of what matters most to their clients will want to view this session. John show how to dig deeper without being awkward about it.

What you will learn: * WHAT without WHY in financial advice is just indistinct arithmetic. * WHY without WHAT in financial advice is just indiscriminate dreaming.

Being a total right-brainer that can’t balance a checkbook even with a calculator, John had to quickly learn how best to express his gifts and passion in the role of a financial advisor or be satisfied with eating one meal a day! He discovered that his zeal for truly unearthing the story of clients - their interests, values, passion, dreams, life story, successes, fears and failures - when combined with a holistic financial plan is sustainable, and ultimately joy-giving for advisor and client. He will describe his successful professional journey and several tools that enable holistic, life-based financial advice.

About The Speakers

John Busacker

John Busacker

Life-Worth LLC

John Busacker is a writer, speaker and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and President of Life-Worth, LLC, a personal leadership development firm.

Mitch Anthony

Mitch Anthony

Life Centered Planners

Mitch is the co-host of this event and the co-founder of Life Centered Planners (with Paul Armson).