Mitch Anthony

The 6 Core Values of Life Centered Planning

A Talk by Mitch Anthony (Life Centered Planners)

About this Talk

If you don’t want to be compared to others, start delivering incomparable value.

The existing value propositions of providing financial planning and asset management have all undergone rapid commoditization. The one value proposition that transcends becoming a commodity is the one that enables advisors to sell their wisdom, experience, and insights.

In this presentation, Mitch describes the six core values that advisors need in order to deliver Life Centered Planning.

Talking Points:

~ What is the next great value proposition that clients will be willing to pay for?

~ What are the keys to building client connectivity that can’t be broken?

~ How do you speak to what matters most to your clients?

~ How do you build a business model that is good for everyone involved: you, your client, and your organization?

Why Advisors should watch this session:

Industry leader Michael Kitces called this talk, 'the best explanation of a planners value' that he had ever heard. If you want to deliver value that will never again be undervalued then you'll want to attend this session.

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About The Speakers

Mitch Anthony

Mitch Anthony

Life Centered Planners

Mitch is the co-host of this event and the co-founder of Life Centered Planners (with Paul Armson).