Bob Veres

The New Profession - The Keys to your Future

A Talk by Bob Veres (Inside Information)

About this Talk

The financial planning/financial services profession is being disrupted in multiple directions at once, and the professionals who anticipate the changes will be best positioned for success. Bob Veres will offer tips on how to leapfrog the clutter and become an advisor of the future — today.

Attendees will come away with a variety of insights:

  • How to shift the value proposition from investment management (which is being commoditized) to planning, and through planning to collaboration and experience.

  • The very best collaborative planning process in the U.S. (and how to transform the initial client experience from something frequently compared with undergoing a root canal to an enjoyable process of self-discovery.

  • How to market transformatively, by becoming an educational resource in your community, and by building a new, supportive community around your target clientele.

  • How to adapt to the shift from face-to-face to face-to-screen client relationships, and how that will require advisory firms to create target niches and specialized client bases.

About The Speakers

Bob Veres

Bob Veres

Inside Information

Futurist for the Financial Planning Profession