Michiel Van Vugt

What can we learn as advisors from a hostage, a world champion, a terror attack survivor and a refugee ship skipper?

A Talk by Michiel Van Vugt (NNEK - The Netherlands)

About this Talk

Financial planning is, in many cases, on top of the Maslow pyramid. Once all your other necessities are in order our financial future becomes important. However too many people tend to aim for financial gain for the wrong reasons. During this 30 minute presentation Michiel will share his view on proper financial advice. Why is it important to be aware of financial behavior? What we can learn from experiences from hostages, world champions, terror attack survivors and a refugee ship skipper? What lessons can we share with our clients? We must be an inspiration in the lives of our clients - perhaps now more than ever!

About The Speakers

Michiel Van Vugt

Michiel Van Vugt

NNEK - The Netherlands