Nick Lincoln

Advisor Success - The Three Killer 'BE's

A Talk by Nick Lincoln (Values to Vision Financial Planning)

About this Talk

To be a Life Centered 'Lifestyle Financial Planner' you need the KILLER BEs: BE Choosy, BE Honest, BE Consistent. Embed proper Lifestyle Financial Planning into everything you do. There is no such thing as “nearly a virgin”. You either do this 100% or not at all. This means telling clients the TRUTH about money. The result of which is YOU get a peaceful life.

About The Speakers

Nick Lincoln

Nick Lincoln

Values to Vision Financial Planning

Nick runs a small but highly profitable lifestyle financial planning practice in the UK. He practices Life centered 'Lifestyle Financial Planning' with every client, every time. No excuses. For Nick, it is a mindset. It is “all in, all the time”, otherwise it is pointless.